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About Us

SPEAKingston views smart growth as a strategic direction for our City which has the following four tenets:

  • strengthen infrastructure —physical, technological and cultural

  • grow economic base with expanding employment and housing options and competitive taxes

  • foster attractive, vibrant, walkable and safe urban core and neighbourhoods

  • protect historical assets and natural environment in responsible ways


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There are a number of ways to become involved with SPEAKingston and we encourage you to select the manner of participation that best suits you.


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If you believe in our basic tenets, you can become a member by simply providing your name and contact information. If you are interested in donating to SPEAKingston, you can check “donate” on your membership form and we will be in touch with you.

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Whether or not you decide to become a member, we welcome your feedback and encourage you to take part in our most recent survey. SPEAKingston encourages respectful and courteous feedback when responding to our surveys.


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See what you and others are saying about Smart Growth in Kingston. Please share our surveys with your friends, colleagues, and neighbours.

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